Now you can be a Super Donor to Cottage Housing, where we serve nearly 400 men, women and children escaping homelessness, at our two residential complexes – Quinn Cottages and Serna Village.


We have been gearing up to be part of a phenomenal opportunity in the region called the BIG Day of Giving on Tuesday, May 6. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution of any size, starting at $25, to Cottage Housing on this special day when your donation will be matched by other corporate donors, greatly expanding the impact you can have on the lives of the folks we serve. Your donation is critical to our ability to continue to serve our participants.


For only 24 hours on Tuesday, May 6th starting at midnight until 11:59 pm, Cottage Housing will join with 400 local nonprofits and many more nationally to bring a focus and critical resources to the work we do, offering safe and affordable housing to people like Alicia Edgley. Alicia is more familiar with Child Protective Services and foster care than any 9-year-old should be – because drug and alcohol addiction landed her mother in jail. Today, her family is reunited, thanks to Cottage Housing. Our programs at Quinn Cottages and Serna Village help equip our participants with the tools and life skills necessary to rebuild their lives, their families, and their place in the community. Just ask Alicia: “I feel safe at Serna Village. We’re a happy family again. And my mom’s really doing well now.”


Please take five minutes on May 6th to give to Cottage Housing. Just click here to make a difference in Alicia’s life and in the lives of nearly 200 children like her at Serna Village.


Thank you for your generosity and support.